Beauty Blooms in the Desert

There is still much beauty to be found in your desert places of life. The question is, are you viewing it through your own perspective or His? 

You may look around at the desert seasons of your life and only see pain and loneliness or be tempted to move into a dry and bitter state yourself. When that becomes your perspective in the wilderness, you may choose to see the cactus as the very thing that brings pain or the rocky terrain as the roadblock that is to difficult to pass over, or the dry, barren land as the waste that has nothing to offer you. 

But what if you discover that many times the LORD brings you into the desert places of life to hear from Him? To free you from the distractions of this life or even to deliver you from what has been keeping you in bondage? 

What if while you are in the desert places of your life, you choose to hear His voice instead of hiding from it. You choose to see the beauty of those moments instead of grumbling against them. And what if you recognized the cactus for what it was actually placed there for…….your nourishment and provision during the journey in the dry place. What if you recognized the rock formations as your protection from the scorching heat that leads to exhaustion along the journey and the dry, barren land as an abundant opportunity to discover the beauty of what is really springing up from within by the hand of the One who cares for you? #seedsamongthesoil

I cared for you in the wilderness, In the land of drought. (Hosea 13:5)

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