Meeting the Resurrected One

For we are not called to be women of this world (2 Tim 3:6-7), but women of faith with the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:4) and an obedient heart to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

        In my quiet time I was asking the Lord why so much apathy today in the Church? Why so many seem satisfied with status quo, even defending unholiness and refuting anyone who will point it out? The Lord began to reveal to me that today many are being introduced to the crucified Christ, but they are not meeting the resurrected One. Women please listen. We cannot come and stop at the cross. We have to move on as Mary did to the empty tomb. We cannot point others only to the cross or just stop and stay there ourselves. We cannot say, this is where I find my grace, so now I have a “get out of jail free” card and can live however I want. Remember, Paul said if Christ is still dead than we are still dead in our sins and to be pitied above all. Paul did not just say, I want to know Christ’s death. He said I want to know His resurrection! That my friends, is the power that saves us.

     I fear that many times we get up each day feeling as if we are powerless to overcome the enemy and the sins that seek to entangle us. Many seem to teach that this is as good as it can get. Christ’s death and resurrection power are really for the next life. Can I encourage you dear sisters, that like Mary, we can move on to the empty tomb and find hope and power in our resurrected Savior. That same power that conquered death, hell and the grave is the same power that conquers fears, doubts and temptation in our own lives. I know this because I daily see it in my own life! Beyond forgiveness of sins, is victory over them. Beyond pardon is power. I want to challange you today dear sisters, let your love for our Lord Jesus overflow like oil from your faith.

     Remember the night He found you? Remember all that you brought to Him when you wept over your sinful lives and left all of them at His feet? Remember, He looked past those things to your broken heart? He poured out His love and grace to you. Then remember, He gently lifted you up and said, “go, sin no more.” He released you back into this world for a reason. Because He knows that His power is sufficent to help you overcome all you will face. He alone will lead you into rightousness. He alone will be your strength when you grow weary of the trials and the pressures of this life. His is the power that resurrects your marriage. He alone is the power to move you on from your past to live in victory for Him now. He alone is the power to heal you from those fears and thoughts that seek to rob your very joy and life. This I promise, His power is all you need.   Will you join me today at the empty tomb to rejoice and then run the other way towards the world to share with them that He has risen. And remind them that through Him we can live godly lives and overcome!

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