A Faith That Stands Or Denies

Our Pastor made a profound point today as we read through John 18. He reminded us that Jesus was being sought out and persecuted in the garden for what would eventually lead to His death. Even in the face of attacks, He did not hide, but boldly and confidently stood before his attackers.

Peter on the other hand was in no danger of being arrested or under such intense persecution, yet when merely asked if he knew this Jesus, he denied Him.

As I thought through his statement to us I was reminded, such is the difference between those walking by the flesh and those filled with the Spirit. Boldness vs weakness. In the flesh we are weak, but in His spirit we are made strong. Such would be the transformation at Pentecost with Peter. He was transformed from a hot headed, fearful man who denied Jesus, into a fearless man of God who died for Him.

Knowing this, let us examine our own lives today. As we do, let us ponder in the midst of persecution from the world for our stance on Jesus and the truth of His Word, if we stand up boldly before our attackers, or if we hide from associating with His name and His truth and deny Him instead…… 

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