my brothers keeper

If we understand God’s command to love your neighbor as yourself, then we realize, we are our brother’s keeper. Not that we are his Holy Spirit. It’s the LORD that will do the convicting. But we are the ones who should be caring about their well being.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


One of the most profound understandings we can gain from scripture about God’s character, is that God doesn’t care about man’s opinion in regards to what He has spoken.

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement


The words that the Lord burdened on my heart years ago still weigh heavy today. Will any of us hear the warnings and see? Will we remember what we have heard and truly repent? Or will we find that our religion is worthless and was built on sinking sand?

A Time Of Weeping And Reforming


What do David’s famous Psalm and The Good Shepherd of Kaphar Nachuwm have to do with each other? And who is this Shepherd anyway? 


after Aaron creates a visual worship opportunity for the people, who he made a proclamation that it was for? Clearly none of them believed that they were worshiping incorrectly or falsely. And they most certainly didn’t believe they had ungodly intentions.


We are not promised our best life now, or a life free from trials and difficulties. What we are promised is an abundant life full of peace and joy in spite of our circumstances, and a hope and a future because we know the One who delivers us through and from our Egypt visits (seasons of testing) into blessing.